Pandit S.Sekhar

Shri S.Sekhar,the renowned Mridangam Player from Calcutta, learnt this art from his revered Teacher Late Shri L.V.Vaidyanathan. Sri Sekhar has been serving the cause of Music since 1966 and has been almost single-handedly keeping alive the Carnatic percussion tradition in Calcutta. He has a huge following of students in the city and elsewhere. He has accompanied distinguished musicians like Shri T.R.Mahalingam, Shri S.Balachander, Shri Lalgudi Jayaraman, Dr. Balamurlikrishna, Dr. N.Ramani ,Shri Kadri Gopalnath etc. Some of the awards bestowed upon him are the "Isai Peraringar" by the Tamil Manram and the "Jadu Bhatta" award for being a "Great Guru" by The Salt Lake Cultural Association. Sri Sekhar has besides performing extensively in India, also performed widely in Canada, USA and all over Europe. He is well known for his keen sense of artistic combination which is amply displayed in his 'Jugalbandi' performances with many Hindusthani Classical Musicians as well as tabla stalwarts Pandit Shankar Ghosh, Pandit Swapan Chowdhury ,Pandit Anindo Chatterjee ,Shri Bikram Ghosh,Shri Tanmoy Bose,Shri Abhihjit Banerjee,Shri Shubhankar Banerjee,Shri Shubhen Chatterjee etc.

Vidwan V.Suresh

Vaidyanathan Suresh is a rare drummer , who has mastered the art of playing the ghatam. Dynamic, mellifluous and aesthetically aggressive, he can adapt with remarkable speed & precision to the techniques of drumming of any part of the world. A specialist in 'Double Gamaka' (i.e.) playing the Gumuki, the base notes with both wrists with equal ease, Suresh has developed numerous garlands of rhythm exclusive of his style. The uncompromising strict adherence to tradition clubbed with innovations, has won laurels for Suresh from doyens of Carnatic music He has performed in the company of great musicians like George Harrison, on Indian Jazz-East West fusion music and has several years' experience in composing and conducting Jazz Orchestra.